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IT Coop Receives DOE Energy Efficiency Grant


Here’s an item that’s right in GC3’s wheelhouse.

The National Information Solutions Cooperative, an IT company that develops and supports hardware and software solutions for its Member-Owners (primarily utility cooperatives and telecoms companies), has just been awarded a “Green Button” grant by the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE).

DOE’s “Green Button” program endeavors to use advanced technology to give consumers “convenient, computer-friendly access to their energy use information so they can better manage power consumption.”

NISC will use its “Green Button” grant to support its SmartHub platform, “an integrated software solution that lets utilities offer consumers usage data, real time alerts, secure payments and a communications link to the utility through a website and iOS (Apple) and Android devices.”

This is a great example of how cooperatives, traditional corporations, and the federal government can come together to support sustainability efforts and increase the nation’s energy efficiency. Thanks to its cooperative structure, NISC is well-positioned to deploy the DOE funds in a cost-effective manner that maximizes the benefits to its members.