The Green Collar Community

Green Living and Youth Farming in East Oakland


Here’s an article by the New York Times about Tassafaronga Village, a mixed-income LEED Certified community housing project, complete with a youth garden program run by Acta Non Verba.

Kelly Carlisle, the director of Acta Non Verba, recalls growing up near the old Tassafaronga when this area was “the scariest place around.” Seeing the new village, she picked the scruffy public park next to it to start a garden for children.

“Where gangs sold drugs, now elementary school students from Tassafaronga grow tomatillos, collard greens, corn and squash, and sell what they harvest to neighbors, the proceeds deposited into savings accounts for the children’s education.

‘Things aren’t perfect — there’s still some crime — but people didn’t used to want to leave their houses in the old days,’ Ms. Carlisle said. ‘Now parents feel safe dropping off their kids in the garden, and seniors help maintain the streets.'”

Come see the community efforts around transforming East Oakland into a green sustainable community economy for yourself at the Think Outside the Boss Workshop on Saturday, November 17 at the Tassafaronga Recreation Center, only blocks away from the Tassafaronga Village and Acta Non Verba garden.