GC3 Assists New Community Farm Project in Richmond

December 2, 2014 by Elizabeth Yates

Urban Tilth (UT), a Richmond-based non-profit organization, works to promote food justice through education, food production, and community engagement. UT strives to provide access to locally grown produce from farmers who engage in sustainable agricultural practices in the west Contra Costa County region.

UT is partnering with Contra Costa County to create the Roots and Restoration Farm, located at 323 Brookside Drive in Richmond, California. The Roots and Restoration Farm will be an Agricultural Park and Riparian Learning Center with the mission of creating a space in the heart of North Richmond, where youth and adults can engage with nature. The Roots and Restoration Farm will feature:

  • “You Pick It” Learning Gardens
  • Community kitchen
  • Earthwork amphitheater
  • Outdoor garden and creek classrooms
  • Petting zoo and egg farm
  • Working urban farm that will provide North Richmond with fresh fruits and vegetables through a year-round youth-operated market stand and Community Supported Agriculture project
  • Riparian Restoration Technician Training Program
  • Agricultural cooperative incubator space, which will create meaningful employment opportunities for North Richmond residents

The Roots and Restoration Farm is in the development stage and will be under construction in 2016, but UT has already begun archaeological testing and surveying of the land. UT plans to have the Roots and Restoration Farm up and running by 2017.

GC3 has assisted UT on their new Roots and Restoration Farm project in several ways. In Fall 2014, GC3 drafted agreements for UT to use with contractors conducting environmental planning studies, design, and construction at the farm site. GC3 also advised UT regarding a their youth field trip and educational program, which it plans to implement at the Roots and Restoration Farm beginning in 2017.

For more information, visit Urban Tilth.
urban tilth farm

Elizabeth Yates is a second year law student at Berkeley Law and a law clerk in the Green-Collar Communities Clinic of the East Bay Community Law Center.


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