Online Resources

The following list of resources is culled from our manual, Think Outside the Boss: How to Create a Worker-Owned Business. While we contemplated worker cooperatives in the creation of this resource list, many of these resources are useful for other types of community resilience enterprises.

Worker Cooperative Resources:

  1. Worker Cooperative Toolbox, Published by Northcountry Cooperative Foundation in partnership with Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund, available at:
  2. Steps to Starting a Worker Co-op, published by the Center for Cooperatives at the University of California, Davis and the Northwest Cooperative Federation, available at:
  3. Worker Co-op Startup Guides:
  4. US Federation of Worker Cooperatives:
  5. Cultivate coop is an online site to pool resources on cooperatives:
  6. Cooperative curriculum wiki site:
  7. East Bay Community Law Center and Sustainable Economies Law Center legal resource site:
  8. Cooperation Texas has the goal of creating dignified jobs for the people, for the planet:
  9. Data Commons Cooperative website:

Cooperative Legal Resources

  1. Coop Legal (a site co-created by SELC and GC3):
  2. Legal Sourcebook for California Cooperatives: Startup and Administration:
  3. Citizen Media Law Project- Cooperative Taxation:
  4. FindLaw- Naming your Business:
  5. NOLO legal encyclopedia:

Cooperative Governance Resources

  1. California Governance Resources:
  2. Legal Sourcebook for California Cooperatives:
  3. Worker Coop Toolbox – US Federation of Worker Cooperatives:

Resiliency Financing Resources

  1. JOBS Act: Crowd Funding Could Give a Boost to Small Business:
  2. Opportunity Fund:
  3. Youth Business America:
  4. Kiva Zip:
  5. Whole Foods Loan Fund:
  6. Full Circle Fund:
  7. RSF Social Finance:
  8. Oakland Business Development Corporation:
  9. Slow Money (does not itself provide financing):

Cooperatives and Employment Law

  1. Taxation of Patronage Dividends from Worker Cooperatives: Are They Subject to Employment Tax? By Attorney Gregory R. Wilson, available at:
  2. The Application of Labor Law to Workers; Cooperatives:
  3. Workers Compensation Fact Sheet:
  4. Insurance Brokers & Agents of the West:
  5. State Compensation Insurance Fund:
  6. For information on determining overtime requirements:
  7. For information on meal, break, and time off requirements:
  8. California Employment Development Department:
  9. For more on California rules on tax deductions:
  10. OSHA’s resources for small businesses:
  11. Cal/OSHA Consultation toll free number: 1-800-963-9424
  12. Job Safety and Health Protection Notice:
  13. Required employer postings:
  14. CA Employment Development Department Registration: or (for non-profit employers)

Non-Profits and Economic Development– Resources

  1. Robert Louthian and Marvin Friedlander, “Economic Development Corporations: Charity Through the Back Door” (an IRS Publication)
  2. Revenue-Generating Activities of Charitable Organizations: Legal Issues:–Revenue_Generating_Activities_(00160207).PDF