Worker Coop Academy

The Green-Collar Communities is partnering with the Sustainable Economies Law Center and Project Equity, the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, the Sustainable Business Alliance, and Laney College to create the San Francisco Bay’s first ever worker cooperative academy. Below you can find information on what we mean by the Worker Cooperative Academy, course information, how to apply, and more.

The Cooperative Academy will be an intensive business and legal training course educating teams of 3 or more who want to operate democratically-run, worker-owned business. The Academy is also looking to educate members from nonprofits and business incubation centers on how to support the development of worker cooperatives in their communities. The Academy will be offered in Oakland, California.

Initially, the Academy will be offered as a stand alone course, tailored to the specific needs of the teams participating, but our vision is to increase our impact by offering a standardized Academy. To do this, we are working with Laney College to accredit and institutionalize the course so it may be offered at community colleges across California!

Currently, GC3 is working with multiple partners from business development centers and the cooperative community to build the Academy’s curriculum. The course will cover financing, democratic governance, sales, marketing, and more.

Currently, we are asking individuals and organizations who are interested in participating to sign up on our online form here. When you fill out our online form, you will be put on our registrar and contacted when we have the applications ready for the Cooperative Academy.

We’re also asking start-up cooperatives, businesses interested in converting to cooperative ownership, and business development organizations to provide us with feedback on what resources, information, and skills you believe are needed to make cooperative businesses successful. If you would like your voice heard as we create our curriculum, please sign up to take part here.